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Business Negotiation

This workshop is designed for experienced sales and management executives who have to negotiate for increasing overall productivity and efficiency while enabling them to negotiate for more profitable deals that protect the interest of the company as well as create clear value to customers and/or counterparts.

Experienced Sales Executives, Key Account Managers, Sales Managers, Divisional and Department Managers and Process Coordinators


  • To understand the essentials for effective business negotiation

  • To learn the key business negotiation steps and techniques that are best-fit for serving the company's key accounts

  • To strategize a business negotiation plan in parallel with the corporate objectives and business development

  • To acquire the best practices and success stories of negotiation

  • To apply the learned business negotiation skills and knowledge


  • From a Negotiator to "Business Strategists" - Identifying the Values for Negotiation and Linking to Business Processes

  • Planning for Business Negotiation with Tactical Goals and Strategies

  • Putting the Strategic Business Negotiation Skills into Practice
    > Setting an equal ground for Negotiation
    > Managing the Relationship while Negotiating to protect company interest
    > Exploring options and interests behind Negotiation
    > Presenting offers for a mutually acceptable agreement
    > Handling resistance and dirty tricks of Negotiation

  • Reviewing the Negotiation Process for Action Planning and Improvement Plan Development


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